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Skateboard Playing Wall Decals

Skateboard Playing Wall Decals

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Skateboard Playing Wall Decals

Package Size: 90cm x 60cm

Item #: JM7219


Material Description:

  • Material is translucent PVC film, 100% imported raw materials, environmental protection, waterproof, fade, not Alice, can scrub dirty, can be pasted on walls, tiles, glass, furniture and other smooth surface of any background.
  • Comes with adhesive, removable adhesive to glue, can be repeatedly paste (wall-surface can always be peeled off without injury walls), but pay attention to the sticky gum combined with the wall will become increasingly strong, Over time and repeated after the paste may be decreased by.
  • Withouttransfer film,directly paste.

Install Instruction:

  • Make sure surface is smooth and clean
  • Make sure surface is dry
  • Then you can stick decals as a small picture show, or you can stick decals as the way you want.




(No reviews yet)