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Ezy Roller with LED Light Wheels - Blue

Ezy Roller with LED Light Wheels - Blue

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4.50 KGS
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Ezy Roller with LED Light Wheels - Blue

Color: Blue

Age: 3 - 14 year old

Capacity: Hold up to 70 KGS

Dimension: 18'' to 26'' for Length (Adjustable) x 18''W x 15'' H

Material: Steel, Fabric for Seat

Warranty: one year replacement parts, excludes wheels and bearings.


Product Feature:

There are no chains and no batteries,the ezyroller moves and turns silently,it offers enjoyment of
new locomotion poossibilies that can't be experienced on any other bike or rider.
The patented steel frame is fully adjustable
High resistance polyurethane wheels work on most surfaces

(No reviews yet)
1 year warranty