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Manual Coffee Bean Grinder - Adjustable Fineness Ceramic Burrs for Home, Outdoor, Camping, Traveling

Manual Coffee Bean Grinder - Adjustable Fineness Ceramic Burrs for Home, Outdoor, Camping, Traveling

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Manual Coffee Bean Grinder
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Manual Coffee Bean Grinder - Adjustable Fineness Ceramic Burrs for Home, Outdoor, Camping, Traveling

Product Description:

  • Best Performance & Price - coffee grinder has large ceramic burr for fast and consistent grinding. Produce no heat and perfectly maintain the essence of the coffee bean without metal smell mixed in it. Food grade material + 100g capacity glass jar for convenient storage and healthier use. The best option in the price range.
  • Adjustable Fine to Coarse Ground - Simply unscrew the nut, there are screw threads on the shaft. You can adjust the coarseness according to how much you screw the nut. The more the finer. You can also recognize your usual coarseness with the threads. Offers full control to coffee enthusiasts to make customized coffee.
  • Simple Disassembly for Cleaning - Unlike some metal grinders that are hard to disassemble and assemble. Just by unscrewing the locking cap you can easily have all parts disassembled. Done in 30 seconds!
  • Comfortable Operation - A Hopper cover is used as a dirt-proof lid which also works to prevent spattering. It is neat, cleaner and healthier for using and storage. Plus with a silicone base as a protection for the glass jar. It increases the friction to be slip-resistant and provides better experience while grinding.
  • Cute and Portable - No batteries or long wire needed to operate your portable grinder, allowing you to travel with it or just take the glass jar stored with your ground coffee in it to enjoy freshly ground coffee beans on your next trip.

Product description

Standing there and turning the handle as the aroma of coffee wafts up to one's nose feels like part of a sacred ceremony and adds another whole dimension

to the enjoyment of the coffee. Grinding fresh coffee each morning will be a part of your morning routine. It does require some effort but you will think it is well worth it.

premium material

Now including a silicon lid for the top chamber with which the beans won't scatter around your kitchen, and an anti-slip base cover to stabilize grinding.

The mill / grinder is made from heatproof glass, ceramic burr, stainless steel, silicone and polypropylene. It really is the best option out there.
Ceramic Hand Grinder

No matter how good the quality of your coffee beans are, or how perfectly your brewing performance is, if you don't get the right coffee grinder,

your ground coffee would lack of mellow flavor, taste, or aroma it deserves.

MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER makes it possible to have no alteration to the flavor of your beans by manual precision grinding with dual ceramic conical burrs.

Perfect portable size For Travelers

The Hand grinder is small and easy to carry. The overall height of the mill / grinder is 19.5cm/7.7in with the base

diameter of the glass container being 8cm/3.1in that you can enjoy your favorite specialty coffee no matter where you are.

Convenient Design

Hand grinder is easy for storage with the removable handle. Non-slip base and grip make grind easy. Beautifully-designed, simple, elegant and lovely to use.

The little non-slip 'sock' stops the whole thing slipping on the kitchen bench. The length of the handle makes it effortless to turn, the grinding action feels smooth and powerful.
NOTE:Use a brush or a rag to wash the grinder; NEVER do it with bare hands to prevent injury.

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