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Emergency Survival Tool Kit - 10 in 1

Emergency Survival Tool Kit - 10 in 1

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Emergency Survival Tool Kit - 10 in 1
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Emergency Survival Tool Kit - 10 in 1

Product Description:

  • 【CAMPING SURVIVAL TOOL】:Light weight,Use for natural disasters camping, hiking, travel, adventure, jungle, indoor and outdoor emergencies.
  • 【SELF-DEFENSE SURVIVAL PEN】:Robust tactical cartridge can rotated and retracted.Effectively prevent external pain,Looking for ways to escape.
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION KEY PENDANT KNIFE】:Can be used to self-defense,opening bottle,hexagonal screw,and used as fruit knife or other uses.
  • 【FIRE STONE METAL PIECE】:Magnesium alloy, can be used 5000-12000 times, safe and reliable. Night almost adaptable to climate and conditions.
  • 【DOUBLE-HOLE WHISTLES】:Aluminum alloy, high decibel, high volume, send emergency signals effectively yin dark emergency.

10 in 1 Multi Professional Emergency Survival Kits, Outdoor SOS Tools for Traveling Hiking Camping Biking Climbing Hunting
The survival kits will help you a lot, is your outdoor activities supplies.

Compass: 7*5cm
Multi-function Card: 6.8*4.5cm
Box Dimension: 16*10.5*4.5m
Tactical Pen: 14.5*1.5cm
Flashlight: 9.1*2cm
Flint: 11*0.5cm
Ruler: 7*2cm
Finger flashlight: 6.5cm
Whistle: 11*1.3cm
Knife: 11.5*1.5cm
Weight: 0.362kg

- This ISA very useful survival kit WH ITC its very food CIA up for outdoor activities - This survival kit is very practical, no matter emergency or daily use, meal play its part.
- Multi-function Can be used for jungle cavalry, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, adventure and other outdoor activities.
- Portable and lightweight, the size of this kit is very well suited and easy to load event and the smallest bag or package.

1*10 Sets Survival Kit

10 in 1 Wild Survival Kit Briefcase EDC Outdoor Survival Kit Emergency Tool with Fire Starter Saber Card Flashlight Whistle etc

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